Coexisting with coyotes


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Coyotes live in and around UBC and can often be seen on campus. We have had an increased number of coyote sightings and encounters reported and would like to share safety information with the campus community. Please help amplify the following communications.

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Coexisting with coyotes

Have you seen the coyotes around campus? Coyotes live in and around UBC and can often be seen on campus. Never approach or feed a coyote, for their safety and yours.

Coyotes will usually mind their own business if left alone. However, if you are walking on campus, especially with a small dog, and a coyote approaches you, follow the advice from the BC Conservation Officer Service:

  • Make yourself look as large as possible.
  • Wave your arms and shout at the coyote in a loud, aggressive voice.
  • If the coyote continues to approach, don’t run or turn your back. Continue to exaggerate the above gestures and slowly back away.
  • If you are walking your dog, make sure to keep it on a leash. Pick up small dogs if possible.

If you see a coyote who needs urgent medical assistance or is endangering a person, call the COS Call Centre at 1 877 952 7277.

Learn more on the Safety & Risk Services website


For questions regarding the use of this communications toolkit, please contact:

Yvonne Kwok, Communications Manager, VPFO Communications & Engagement

Katie Earle, Communications Strategist, VPFO Communications & Engagement