Yvonne Kwok promoted to Communications Manager, Facilities and Safety & Risk Services

Yvonne Kwok will be expanding her role as Communications Manager, Facilities & SRS, effective Friday, May 21, 2021.

In her new role, Yvonne will leverage her years of experience and growth supporting communications in UBC Facilities (Building Operations, Infrastructure Development, Energy & Water Services) to deliver improved services for both the Facilities group and Safety & Risk Services (SRS), while continuing to support portfolio priorities.

Yvonne will also take on managing our VPFO Communications & Engagement department’s communications coordinators and act as a mentor and team lead for all members of the VPFO Communications & Engagement team.

Yvonne joined UBC in 2016 after starting her marketing and communications career in the finance industry. Her training in project management, graphic design and communications, combined with her specialized knowledge of our clients and their stakeholders, has allowed the VPFO Communications & Engagement team to be uniquely responsive, flexible and effective.