Our Approach

We’re here to help you be heard and be understood

Understanding how we work, can help you do better work. VPFO Communications & Engagement is a relatively young department. A big part of our current job is helping the VPFO to establish communications strategy, supported by channels, policies, procedures, governance and other tools. By understanding our environment, approach and direction, you can partner with us more effectively and reach your business goals.

We provide expert advising and support to positively position the VPFO with UBC’s stakeholders and manage high-risk or high-impact issues. We facilitate the movement of information internally and externally by:

  1. Providing strategic communications consultation and guidance to support business goals, increase operational efficiency, and manage risk.
  2. Creating and executing communication plans based on well-targeted tactics.
  3. Executing research of communications needs and monitoring and analyzing potential reputational risks.
  4. Measuring the success of communications in support of identified operational objectives.