Brand Workshop: November 2018


Websites and GatherContent were two hot topics discussed at the VPFO brand session in November 2018. This semi-annual session is a great opportunity to connect and share ideas with peers outside your unit, and learn more about what’s happening within the VPFO portfolio.

Websites at UBC

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Adrian Liem, Manager, Digital Communications from UBC Communications shares his experience managing and building websites at UBC. Adrian provided great tips and insight to help us gain a better understanding of resources and opportunities available around campus.

Adrian Liem is Manager, Digital Communications within Brand & Marketing’s web team. His focus is on digital analytics, user experience architecture, web development, and project management. He actively works alongside teams as a digital producer and provides strategic and analytical advice.

GatherContent and the Finance Website

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Elizabeth Kukely, Communications & Learning Administrator from Financial Operations presented on GatherContent, a web-based single platform to organize, structure, and manage workflow. Elizabeth provided an overview of how this program is used in Financial Operations from the planning production stage through to approval of content for distribution.

Elizabeth Kukely is the Communications and Learning Administrator within Financial Operations. She is responsible for supporting the technical requirements for all of the training offered by Financial Operations, and the administration of the UBC Finance website.


Brand: Assets, templates, guidelines, updates

Web resources