Brand Workshop: November 2019


Writing to reach your audience can sometimes be challenging. Whether you’re writing a notification to send out through email, compiling reports, or newsletter content to reach a broad audience, there are best practices to improve how we connect with our readers.

In this session, we shared communications projects that align and support the VPFO Strategic Plan, and tips on writing effective headlines, subject lines, key messages, and making your message easier to digest.

The semi-annual VPFO Brand Workshop is a great opportunity to connect and share ideas with peers outside your department and to learn more about what’s happening within the VPFO portfolio. The next session will be in Spring 2020.

How to get people to read what you write

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Carolyn Ali, Creative Writer from UBC Communications, provides a practical and easy-to-follow approach to writing copy that works for you and your audience. Learn how to write winning subject and headlines that get read and help share your message.

Carolyn has been telling stories for over 15 years as a journalist, writer, and content marketer. She has created content across various platforms and digital channels, including 10 years as the Travel and Food editor at the Georgia Straight.

VPFO Communications update

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In support of the VPFO Strategic Plan, the Communications & Engagement team are creating feature stories to align with VPFO’s strategic priorities — Inspire great people; deliver on systems renewal; provide inspiring spaces; and lead operational excellence. The purpose is to highlight the constituent departments within the VPFO, how we are one unified team, and how each department works together to facilitate operational excellence and contribute to the overall success of the university.

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