VPFO Stakeholder Research & Analysis

Last updated: April 8, 2024

Project Overview

The VPFO Strategic Plan prioritizes establishing a portfolio-level stakeholder engagement strategy to improve and expand VPFO initiatives across all teams. When stakeholder engagement is done effectively it improves communication, gathers information for the organization, creates and maintains support for our work, reduces risk and the potential for conflict, and enhances the reputation of the portfolio through the improvement of customer service.

Project Outcomes

The VPFO Stakeholder Research & Analysis initiative that aims to tackle the following questions:

  • Who are our stakeholders in the VPFO?
  • What is their experience of the portfolio?
  • How can we drive insights that improve and manage service expectations?

These questions are driving three projects:

  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Customer Experience Survey Framework
  • Stakeholder Reporting Framework

Stakeholder Mapping

In support of our cross-functional stakeholder engagement strategy in the VPFO, the stakeholder map is one of the project outcomes of our stakeholder research and analysis project. Through data collection and interviewing leadership and team members within the VPFO, our research will help us better understand all VPFO stakeholder groups and create tools and resources to support and maintain this strategy.

This integrated stakeholder engagement initiative is new to the VPFO and will develop the framework for stakeholder identification, market research and stakeholder management. This initiative aims to transform stakeholder relationships by improving communication, efficiency, and overall customer service satisfaction while closing the gap of understanding how each stakeholder group and their work fits across the VPFO portfolio.

VPFO stakeholders include:

  • Finance – Comptroller, Finance & Integrated Services, Treasury
  • Facilities – UBC Facilities
  • Advising & Services – Enterprise Risk & Assurance, Safety & Risk Services, VPFO Communications & Engagement, VPFO Human Resources
  • Okanagan – Finance & Operations Okanagan

Customer Experience Survey Framework

To further support our VPFO Strategic Plan of advancing our culture of service, stewardship and continuous improvement, it is important we gather feedback from our customers to improve the VPFO customer service experience which is reflected in our customer experience survey framework. This framework aims to create generalized cross-portfolio tools to help standardize stakeholder satisfaction data collection and reporting.

By exploring the three basic service dimensions (reliability / timeliness and efficiency / care and concern, it will help us better understand the customer service experience across all services and projects provided within the VPFO portfolio.

The VPFO Communications & Engagement team has created survey templates that will act as a benchmark to assess customer service quality and satisfaction and measure customer service experience across the portfolio to gather centralized data to enable high business level insights. If you are looking to create your own surveys to measure customer service experience, you can find survey resources and templates to aid you below.

Contact Us to get Started

If are interested in creating customer service experience surveys, please reach out at communications@vpfo.ubc.ca to get support in setting up your survey. We encourage you to reach out to us before using our templates so we can better connect you with our resources and provide the support to help you best reach your survey objectives!

Survey Resources

This guide will help you get started with creating engagement surveys.
Engagement Surveys: Tips & Tricks [PDF]
Learn how to use our customer experience survey templates with this user guide.
Customer Experience Service Survey Templates: User Guide [PDF]

Stakeholder Reporting Framework

Once we gather the stakeholder data from VPFO Stakeholder Research Analysis and implement our cross-functional stakeholder engagement strategy, we want to ensure this strategy is sustained. We aim to encourage members of the VPFO to use our tools and resources and keep them accountable to maintain stakeholder engagement. This discovery and feedback collection phase will take place in March 2024.