Key Projects

What we’re currently working on

The VPFO Communications & Engagement team are working on key strategic projects that support the Strategic Directions of the VPFO through communications modernization. Read more about how each of our current projects all contribute towards creating the vision of the portfolio’s communications strategy.

VPFO Strategic Communications Plans

Strategic Communications Plans support the portfolio’s strategy and commits to the continual improvement in resources, systems, and processes to advance the university.
Find our content strategy and editorial calendar here.

VPFO Stakeholder Research & Analysis

Establishing foundational knowledge and processes will help us understand how to manage our stakeholders to improve efficiency, customer service and reputation.
Find our integrated stakeholder engagement strategy and customer experience survey resources here.

VPFO Identity Framework

A unifying identity for the VPFO, within the UBC brand, will help the campus community further recognize what the VPFO does and how our work supports all areas of the university to make UBC’s academic mission possible.

VPFO Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation project will deliver a roadmap to revise our digital collaboration and dissemination tools to support the portfolio’s operational transition. Stay tuned for the rebrands of our websites, newsletters and digital signage.