Brand Workshop: April 2017

The VPFO brand session provides content producers in each unit with a better understanding of the UBC brand, opportunities to connect and share ideas, explores tools and templates they can use, and expands our capacity to connect to the Central Brand and Marketing team as we develop new tools and collateral. In our last session on April 17, 2017:

  • Lee-Aye Azami and Laura Strobbe from the UBC Communications Brand and Marketing team presented some exciting updates on theĀ UBC brand site.
  • VPFO Communications team presented on major communications projects and initiatives across the portfolio.
  • Laura Strobbe took us on a deeper dive into the recently developed official Microsoft Word report template.
  • VPFO Communications discussed how to get involved in the VPFO newsletter.
  • Everyone shared their work from across the portfolio in a round-table project discussion.