The Covid Sessions: May 2020

Communications tips and tricks in a few easy sessions

COVID-19 has challenged us to rethink many aspects of how we work, from taking meetings online to redesigning paper-based processes. It takes extra effort to be understood and stay engaged — especially when moving to less familiar digital communications.

To help our portfolio succeed Communications & Engagement offered a lightning-fast (15-minutes per session) weekly Zoom series to build up skills.

Session details

May 6 2020: Easy tips to make your email work for you
With less face-to-face time it’s more important than ever to make sure your emails are working hard to support you, your, team, and your work.

May 13 2020: Engage your team with Zoom Video
While video platforms like Zoom have made virtual meetings easy, it’s important to keep these meetings productive, structured, and part of your bigger story.

May 20 2020: How to work with Communications & Engagement
Explore our new website and learn easy tips to improve your most complicated communications.

May 27 2020: Using our websites: from the VPFO and beyond.
Understand the online environment at UBC, and how we can use it to our advantage.


For questions regarding this workshop series, please contact Yvonne Kwok at