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Breaking news is made at UBC every day

As a world-class research institution, UBC produces a great deal of news. The university has a Media Relations team dedicated to producing interesting content, arranging expert commentary from the UBC community, pitching stories to media outlets, and managing issues of public interest. Team members specialize in assigned academic areas of the university.

The UBC News website hosts content about topics ranging from cutting-edge research, to student achievements, to important institutional updates. Working with the Media Relations team to produce content for UBC News is a good idea if your story has a strong connection to current events, or will be of significant interest to a very broad audience.


This channel is best when…

  • you need to be in front of all of UBC’s stakeholders, as well as a possible global audience.
  • you need to proactively share UBC’s story to help manage risk.

When to change the channel?

  • The media is a great partner for sharing news, but not all stories are suitable. The media relations teams are experts at helping craft a narrative that will capture media attention.
  • Not all attention is good attention. Make sure you’re ready for the eye of the world to be on you.
  • It is important to remember that although the Media Relations team does pitch stories to the media, the media is not under the control of anyone at UBC.
  • If selected as story suitable for a media pitch, media relations professionals may work with you on your content; so timelines need to be anticipated.
  • If you are ever approached by a journalist get in touch with Media Relations to discuss the best approach.


The Media Relations team produces stories, press releases, expert commentary, and media content for the UBC News website on a daily basis.

The primary site dedicated to hosting work produced by the Media Relations team is the UBC News website. The team also produces UBC Reports, which is a weekly newsletter summarizing the latest news stories from the university for journalists (and other interested parties).

How to access

The UBC News website is managed by the UBC Media Relations team. Get in touch with your VPFO communications advisor if you’re considering media interest in a story.


The Media Relations team on UBC’s Vancouver campus provides prompt access to faculty experts, important UBC stories, and media resources. Team members specialize in assigned academic areas of the university.
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