VPFO Newsletters

What’s the good news?

The VPFO portfolio consists of a range of diverse and highly specialized departments, each with its own communications requirements. One way we keep our teams updated is through a series of regular newsletters, at the VPFO and departmental level.


This channel is best when…

  • you have non-urgent financial-, operational-, or risk-based information to share with a specific audience.
  • you know who your specific audience is. Each VPFO newsletter has a different purpose and addresses different segments of the UBC audience.

When to change the channel?

  • There are many other newsletters outside the VPFO with different, specific audiences that may be a better (or complimentary) fit for your content. your VPFO Communications Leader can help you find opportunities.
  • In-depth or news information is best hosted on a website, and then linked to from a newsletter.


VPFO newsletters are administered by a variety of different individuals from across the VPFO. Content is provided by subject matter experts (SMEs) from every department, as well as from outside the portfolio. Our Communications & Engagement team provides strategic support and oversight.

More general information about newsletters is also available in the Plan section.

How to access

If you’re interested in sharing information on the VPFO newsletter network and you don’t know who to reach out to for access, get in touch with your VPFO Communications leader.

Our VPFO Newsletters

You can find information about each of our newsletters below, as well as past editions for some of them where possible. As the issues get older, some links to other UBC websites and resources may no longer work as items are archived or deleted.