UBC Digital Signage

Get your message into the public realm

Digital Signage provides a powerful and highly visible opportunity to communicate messages across the university and engage with UBC audiences. The UBC Digital Signage program provides a central resource for units across the university who administer digital signs.


This channel is best when…

  • you have non-urgent information to share to a typically public audience.
  • you have a campaign that you need to support within the larger UBC community.
  • you are trying to reach as many people, as frequently as possible, over a set period of time.

When to change the channel?


Under the direction of UBC IT and central UBC Communications, the digital signage network provides the visual and technical architecture required to share diverse messaging consistently and efficiently across the university from a central source. The network is run on a program called CoolSign, and many different faculties, administrative units, building occupants, and stakeholders have the ability to add content to different screens. Content and Design Guidelines have been developed to assist content managers and creators in developing effective digital communications.

Each set of digital signs on campus has an administrator, and it is the administrators across campus that decide what campus-wide information they will promote on their signs. It pays to follow up with administrators in areas you want to target to see if they will use your content on their screens.

The central UBC Communications team also keeps an up-to-date playlist of widely relevant content that administrators can use. Getting your content included in that playlist can support the reach of your message.

How to access

To submit content for the central UBC digital signage network feed, send your content at least two weeks in advance using the submission form.

If you’re interested in sharing information on the VPFO digital signage network and you don’t know who to reach out to for access, get in touch with your VPFO communications advisor.