Leadership Blogs

Follow the leader

Some members of our leadership team produce updates on an individual level, to share information about the vision, values, and priorities of different groups.


This channel is best when…

  • there are large-scale changes or operational news that need context, explanation or other support from the VPFO’s senior leadership.
  • you know who your specific audience is. Each VPFO executive blog has a different purpose and addresses different segments of the UBC audience.

When to change the channel?

  • Blogs typically present an opinion in a fairly informal manner. If your message is high-risk or high-impact you likely want to look at face-to-face channels.


Leadership blogs are authored and led by their respective leader, and the VPFO Communications & Engagement team provides strategic support and oversight.

How to access

If you’re interested in sharing via our leadership and you don’t know who to reach out to for access, get in touch with your VPFO communications advisor.