VPFO Digital Signage

The VPFO Digital Signage network covers most of our sites on campus

The VPFO has a few dozen digital signage screens positioned inside and outside facilities around campus that are used to communicate to many campus audiences. These are part of UBC’s much larger digital signage network.


This channel is best when…

  • targeting VPFO team members. Most of our digital signage is in team-focused building areas, and the general public will not be regular viewers.
  • providing job- or team-specific information.

When to change the channel?

  • Many of the VPFO digital signs are part of a content automation system that syndicates information between our signs, newsletters, and websites. Make sure you understand the intended reach of your information before deciding on a channel.


In the VPFO digital signage is installed in both public and team-only areas of the following locations:

VPFO digital signs are administered by a variety of different individuals from across the VPFO, and content is provided by subject matter experts from every department, as well as from outside the portfolio. Our Communications & Engagement team provides strategic support and oversight.

Our digital signage network is integrated into the UBC digital signage network. The UBC Digital Signage website has comprehensive information about the program, as well as content guidelines and templates available for anyone in the community to use. If you’d like to get content onto any of the VPFO signs, or into the wider UBC digital signage network, get in touch with VPFO Communications & Engagement.

More general information about Digital Signage is available in the Plan section.

How to access

If you’re interested in sharing information on the VPFO digital signage network and you don’t know who to reach out to for access, get in touch with  VPFO Communications & Engagement.


The UBC Digital Signage Program website has comprehensive resources for administrators using this channel.
To submit content for the UBC Digital Signage network fill out the submission form two weeks prior to the “start date”.