UBC Today

UBC’s number one channel for faculty & staff communications

UBC Today is a website where faculty and staff can go to access communications and resources at a university-wide level. It contains regular updates, announcements, and stories, as well as event listings, key dates, and useful resources.


This channel is best when…

  • content is broadly relevant or has appeal to all faculty and/or staff at one or more campuses.
  • used as a supplementary channel to UBC Broadcast emails and/or UBC Bulletins where appropriate.
  • faculty and staff visit the UBC Today website after receiving the weekly email update.

When to change the channel?


Each Tuesday an email featuring a selection of content from the UBC Today website is sent to all faculty and staff.

Examples of UBC Today content include broad institutional updates, leadership profiles, and news and stories to support UBC faculty and staff in their work.

UBC Today also pulls together event information from various sources, including events.ubc.ca, that are specifically curated for a faculty and staff audience.

To help you understand when and how to use UBC Today in your communication, the UBC Internal Communications team created a checklist for faculty & staff and a how-to guide for content creators to maximize their chances of getting their content published on UBC Today.

UBC Today is owned and operated by the central UBC Internal Communications team.  You can also get in touch with your VPFO communications advisor to learn more about using this channel in an integrated plan.