Can I have your identification please?

Using the current, properly-formatted UBC logo in our materials is important because:

  • It connects our work to the history and reputation of our university in the most simple of ways
  • It demonstrates our alignment to and support of UBC
  • It shows our connection to the wider mission and vision of the university

A logo is a simple and functional signpost that is used to help people find and identify a business, product, individual, or service. A good logo works to simply communicate the “brand identity”, and gains meaning and power over time as an organization grows in success and reputation.

It’s the first thing that people see when they interact with a business — but in order for it to be successful, the business behind it must be respected and trusted.

Download your Group or Department’s logo set

Logos for the VPFO and our constituent departments can be found on the UBC Brand & Marketing website, or by clicking on the images below:




Operations & Advising


Find further informations on logo usage, other UBC department and faculty logos, or how to request a new departmental logo

Logos on brand.ubc.ca