Lights, cameras, action!

Videos are an engaging, visual way to tell a story, with viewers taken on a journey by the combination of video footage, photos, music, animations and effects. With the democratization of video recording and editing technology anyone can now make a video, with the finished product fitting somewhere on a scale between homemade social media-style clip and professional grade movie production.

What do videographers do?

For our purposes, we have combined all the roles involved in video production under the heading of videographer, but in reality as the quality of a production increases the number of people involved does too — just think of the number of names included in movie credits as an example. These roles can include:

  • Camera operator
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Video editor
  • Animator
  • Sound recordist
  • Lighting specialist
  • etc.

For small scale, low budget projects these roles are often performed by one or two people, but consideration must be given to each discipline.

In a similar way to graphic designers it’s important to provide videographers with direction through a clear creative brief. This helps to ensure that the finished video is suitable for its intended purpose.

What don’t videographers do?

The remit of a videographer can change from project to project, so it’s important to set expectations before any work is started. Depending on the skillset of the videographer, another specialist may need to be brought it to deliver on the requirements of a video project.

How do I hire a videographer?

VPFO Communications & Engagement maintains a list of videographers for different roles and work. Please reach out to your communications advisor and they will help you identify the professionals you need and connect you with one of our approved vendors.


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