Photography is painting with light to convey a story or mood

Photography can be used to illustrate a concept, record activity or tell a story — essentially they capture a moment in time and can be incredibly powerful. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when combined with other graphical elements they can really bring a piece of work to life.

What do photographers do?

As with many job roles, photographers tend to specialize in a particular field, and the type of photos you want will determine which photographer is the best fit — for example a landscape photographer is unlikely to be the best choice in capturing a sporting event.

When working with a photographer it’s always important to keep the end goal in mind — how will these photos be used? You only need to pick up a modern camera to see how many different settings can be used; having a clear objective in mind will help the photographer to adapt their approach to deliver what you need.

What don’t photographers do?

Photoshoots can be hectic, potentially with different shoot locations, subjects/models, lighting, props and interruptions. While a photographer can deal with all of this, their time is often expensive and you want them to spend it doing what they do best, taking photos. So being organized and dealing with all of the other stuff is always a good idea.

Some photographers include digital retouching (aka PhotoShop) as part of their service, other charge separately, and some do not offer it at all. Make sure you understand what is included in any contract you sign.

How do I hire a photographer?

Please reach out to your communications advisor and they will help you identify the best approach for hiring a photographer. UBC’s resident photographer is available for hire, though we recommend engaging the VPFO Communications & Engagement team before contacting them.


UBC has our own official photographer to capture custom photography.
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